Shall we stay in the EU?

This website is for promoting and developing a sound political ideology and so we recognise Brexit as a crisis and distraction for the EU and UK caused by the lack of governments having sound ideology. Poor and war torn nations would not be so if their peoples possessed sound political ideology – and in turn […]

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Rationalism and Rational Group

Two things are required to address the political, economic, environmental and social chaos we see around the world – The first is a sound and comprehensive ideology: Rationalism provides the moral principles, social structures and economic methods necessary for mankind to flourish now and, because it allows the recommendations of environmental science to be embraced, in the […]

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What’s it all about

As things stand, does anyone think world leaders can solve world problems?  I trust not, and hope you are open to the idea that world leaders should take advice, but who from?   When the UK’s Labour Party lost the election in 2015 I wrote to them urging them to first look at new social, economic […]

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Rationalism – a comprehensive ideology

Rationalism describes the social and business structures, and details the values and economic methods necessary for a prosperous, sustainable, and peaceful world.  It describes the systems required to optimally manage education, training, employment, housing, healthcare, taxation, world trade, capital and global resources.  The ideology offers a common base all responsible political parties can adopt, prerequisite […]

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Soft landing over the Fiscal Cliff

Now it’s 2017 but it was back in November 2012 that the two things needed to avoid the so-called Fiscal Cliff being a problem were blogged here: 1.) Share out the jobs 2.) Cease trading at a deficit Neither Republicans nor Democrats seem to have any idea of this solution, it’s detail or value.  Only small […]

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