Rationalism and Rational Group

Two things are needed to end the world’s problems:

The first is a full, viable and clear ideology.  Rationalism provides the moral principles, social structures and economic methods necessary for mankind to flourish now and, because it allows the recommendations of environmental science to be embraced, in the future too.  Like the founder, most people will be unaware of any previous use of the word ‘Rationalism’ but for clarity the ideology is unrelated to anything else or earlier philosophy.

The second is widespread understanding and global popular support for Rationalism. By joining or supporting the Rational Group, spreading the word, canvassing, signing petitions, making a donation, contributing ideas and research, helping with web site, social media, or language translation you will be doing important work to make the world a better place.  Fortunately, public support for Rationalism can be widespread and informed, partly because the causes and solutions to world problems are actually quite straight forward, and also because the internet allows ideas to be disseminated freely in a way that was impossible 500, 100 or even 10 years ago.

In the case of democracies, politicians are receptive to public opinion; in the case of authoritarian regimes, leaders still need viable ideology, so wherever you live it is well worth investing the small effort necessary to see change

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The Perfect 2015 Manifesto

With 50 days to go we are still waiting for political parties to publish their efforts.  Rational Group’s manifesto has been available and largely unchanged for over 10 years!


Education, Training and Employment

A new marketised industry for forecasting needs and supplying services would replace state and nepotistic funded education, be free for students, and improve cost effectiveness.  Offering all appropriate training and work would end unemployment and reduce pay differentials.



Long term, we need housing with close to zero net heating/cooling loads, higher density, and fewer duplicate facilities for food storage and preparation.  This would also reduce our requirements for transport and disposable packaging, and make sustainable transport and finding land for agriculture and recreation easier – not to mention oxygen production.  Think hotel suite to lower carbon footprints and increase happiness.

Short term we need to consider population levels, allow more efficient and equitable property use by ending owner occupation and for profit property management, and cease foisting living costs onto parents and cohabitees.



There are prerequisites for a quality service or product being affordable:  customers need to be well advised or analytically competent, personally affected, and have a choice from different independent companies, available in the same place, at the same time.  The NHS is failing people and expensive because of simple management and procedural problems that competition and consumer choice would quickly solve.


Economic policy

With jobs being shared out there would be no requirement for economic growth and no vicious circles created by fiscal neutrality.  Functional economic unions, made possible by widespread understanding and adoption of Rationalism, would allow trade deficits to evaporate, and focus to be placed on the conservation and creation of wealth, to the benefit of all

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What it’s all about

A political party may be successful in winning an election, but that does not mean it has people with the skills, plan and vision to govern effectively; and power politicians do not welcome ideas, solutions and open discourse.  Policies are developed or obfuscated to win votes, but the electorate do not know what constitutes a sound economic and social plan and can only decide based on issues that affect them, and by considering who they trust.  This of course is a simplification, politicians also are influenced by lobbyists, donors and their own political beliefs and career agendas.  No surprise we often see disagreement and contradiction within parties.  These are not circumstances conducive to political parties offering comprehensive, sustainable, egalitarian, social and economic plans: winning people around to a coherent philosophy is not their way.  Consequently, all around the world, governments are showing their incompetence.

By having and promoting a comprehensive plan, and being happy if necessary to change it, we offer people solutions to understand and policies they can demand from politicians.  This will change politicians behaviour.  It is the way to end the vicious circle of incompetence, failed policies, failed political careers, corruption, distrust, and lack of popular interest in politics.  It is a no blame solution too, as it could be argued that political parties have a duty to represent the people, and do not have a mandate to do much more.ften

If you currently don’t vote because you don’t think anyone is worth voting for, or are thinking of voting for a separatist party like UKIP SNP etc. in the vain hope that regionalisation is a solution to the world’s problems, find out about Rationalism and its solutions; then contact your politicians in Parliament, Europe, Senate, Congress etc. saying that you will only vote for them when they have policies that implement Rational Group solutions.

Get in touch with us by email to find out about Rational Group solutions: we can call you back or you can attend or host a meeting.

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Rationalism – a comprehensive ideology

Rationalism details the economic methods and describes the social and business structures necessary for a sustainable, peaceful and functional world.  It offers unique and original solutions and describes the systems required to manage education, training, employment, housing, healthcare, taxation, world trade, capital and global resources.  It offers a coherent ideological base for all responsible political parties.


Understanding the problems – ideological extremism

Flawed social and economic policy has led to unrest and suffering around the globe – Brazil, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain are examples.  An ideological vacuum persists in Europe, it has not progressed to form a federation like the USA, and separatist parties are gaining influence.

Egypt, Israel, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine are or have been war zones; lack of sound ideology, understood by everyone, has allowed ideological extremism to gain influence.

Googling ‘ideological extremists’ one can find an article (link below) which suggests counter ideology is required to combat ideological extremism and terrorism.  Rationalism can offer this counter ideology: a framework that provides a rich secular existence, secures the peace and builds prosperity before, and maintains it after, the troops leave.  Social and economic inclusion, at home and around the world, would make it much less likely that a John would become a Jihad John.  We will continue to see division along sectarian lines and return to turmoil, as is now the case in Iraq, without a robust, sustainable, egalitarian ideology for mankind (August 2014).


Understanding the problems – poor economic management and inequity

We are not producing the right goods and services, nor in a sustainable way, and they are not being distributed optimally.  Rationalism provides answers to how the 3 objectives of economic efficiency, sustainability, and equity can be achieved.  To set mankind on the path to achieving these objectives, which one needs to come first and why?  Can you think of two things essential to achieving the objective?

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Understanding the problems – economic theory

It’s good to identify and understand the problems before working on the solutions!

Companies rise and fall but there is no need for there to be an overall rise.  Economic contraction can be an indicator of greater efficiency. The belief that economic growth is essential, the reliance on it as a cure-all, and the important things that are consequently ignored, are the most significant and damaging failures of contemporary economic theory. Economic growth is not the primary thing we should be monitoring, only in the developing world, assuming regions should remain inhabited, need there be growth. Wealth creation and increase in economic output can and do go in opposite directions and therefore need to be understood as decoupled by economists and the electorate. See if you can come up with five reasons preoccupation with economic growth is bad. inbox@ourvote.org