It is apparent national leaders are not up to dealing with 21st century crises.

When the UK’s Labour Party lost the election in 2015 I contacted them urging them to look first at new social, economic and environmental solutions: a new ideology for their party. But instead they went ahead and chose a new leader. Some ‘moronic MPs’ nominated Jeremy Corbyn. The other candidates, Kendall and Burnham, were what I describe as managerial politicians: ones that claim to be able to bring people together, reconcile and make the best decisions at the time depending on global economic conditions. One could compare Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio to these managerial politicians. As we know now, people had had enough of these characters, and those ‘left behind by globalisation’ rose up, choosing Brexit, Corbyn and Trump. So, to 2020, not only has time been lost, the quality of governance around the world has deteriorated.

It is important that we all learn the solutions, and in our various capacities work to effect change.

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