The Rational Group is independent and not for profit.  It is a people’s think tank and possibly unique in being an ideology pressure group.

Nick Salter, the founder, has a lifelong interest in current affairs and economics, and spent a year on an economics course at Manchester University UK.  Not learning anything remarkable and realising aspects of economic theory were flawed or inappropriate, he left and went on to complete a BSc in Chemical Engineering at Aston University.  Chemical Engineering applies chemistry, physics, microbiology, biochemistry, engineering, applied mathematics and economics to produce and re-process chemicals, materials and energy.  It is an ideal study to give an appreciation of the importance and scope of the issues necessary to manage a planet efficiently.  With some thinking on other disciplines, including psychology, and the ability to formulate holistic economic solutions, it allowed him to develop a comprehensive ideology.  After discovering the limitations of political parties, he also identified the need for popular understanding so the electorate can guide and empower politicians, hence the concept of an ideology pressure group.


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