Rationalism and Rational Group

Two things are required to address the political, economic, environmental and social chaos we see around the world – The first is a sound and comprehensive ideology: Rationalism provides the moral principles, social structures and economic methods necessary for mankind to flourish now and because it allows the recommendations of environmental science to be embraced, in theContinue reading “Rationalism and Rational Group”

Rationalism – a comprehensive ideology

Rationalism describes the social values, economic methods and business structures necessary for a prosperous, sustainable, and peaceful world. It describes the systems required to optimally manage education, training, employment, housing, healthcare, taxation, world trade, capital and global resources. The ideology offers a common base that all responsible political parties can adopt – prerequisite for adequateContinue reading “Rationalism – a comprehensive ideology”

Understanding the problems – poor economic management and inequity

We need to produce the right goods and services in an ecologically sustainable way, and distribute them optimally.  Rationalism provides answers to how the 3 objectives of economic efficiency, sustainability, and equity can be achieved.  To set mankind on the path to achieving these objectives, which one needs to come first and why?  Can youContinue reading “Understanding the problems – poor economic management and inequity”

Understanding the problems – economic theory

It’s good to identify and understand the problems before working on the solutions! Companies rise and fall, and there is no need for there to be an overall rise.  Economic contraction can be an indicator of greater efficiency. The belief that economic growth is essential, the reliance on it as a cure-all, and the importantContinue reading “Understanding the problems – economic theory”